Balling Bearing CPU Cooler|AMD Socket A / 462 |5C12B3

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Model 5C12B3
Compatibility Intel Processors

Pentium III ~ 1.4 GHz (FC-PGA2)
Celeron ~ 1.0 GHz (FC-PGA)
AMD Processors

Athlon ~ 850 MHz (Thunderbird)
Duron ~ 1 GHz (Morgan)
Dimensions Heat sink 60x 57x 32mm (l x w x h)
Fan 50x 50x 15mm (l x w x h)
Heatsink Material Alumium Fins
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Fan speed 4,800 RPM +/-10%
Fan Noise level 29.7 dBA
Max. Fan Air Flow 13.0 CFM
Max. Fan Air Pressure 3.72 mmH2O
Rated Voltage 12 V
Rated Current 0.11 A
Rated Power 1.32 W
Power Connector 3 Pins
Life hours 40,000 hours
Thermal resistance 0.646 °C/W
Thermal grease With grease compound


AMD Socket A / 462
Ball bearing
Life hours up to 40,000 hours
Easy install and remove system