Question: What kinds of fan can I choose for my computer?
Answer: You can choose sleeve bearing fan or ball bearing fan.
Question: What is the difference between sleeve and ball bearing fan?
Answer: The lifetime and technical are different between sleeve bearing and ball bearing fan. According to lifetime, sleeve bearing fans have 30,000 life hours and ball bearing fans have 50,000 life hours. According to technical, the sleeve bearing fan is running with oil and ball bearing fan is running with small ball.
Question: What connector should I choose for my fan?
Answer: All of cooling fan comes with 3 and 4 pin connector.
Heat sink
Question: Does the color of the heat sink make a difference?
Answer: No, according to the testing from our R&D team. There is no difference found.
Question: Does the different material of heat sink effect to its performance?
Answer: Yes. Full copper heat sink and copper insert heat sink apply to high performance.
Question: What kind of coolers can fast release heat?
Answer: If coolers are produced more fins, the heat will be release fast.
Question: What kind of interface of heat sink can improve to heat dispatch?
Answer: The heat sink has a smooth interface. It can improve to heat dispatch.
External Drive Enclosure
Question: Are all of operating systems required to install driver for external drive enclosure?
Answer: No. Only Windows 98 is required to install the driver. Other version operating systems don't be necessary.
Question: Where can I get the driver of external drive enclosure?
Answer: There are two ways that you can get the driver. Retail box comes with the driver. Or you can download the driver from our website.
Question: Is USB2.0 supported to Windows 98?
Answer: Windows 98 doesn't support USB 2.0. Only Windows 2000 & XP does. So when you are using a USB 2.0 device, it will downgrade to USB1.0/1.1. As a result the transfer rate will lower when compared to USB 2.0.
Question: How to use Disk Management to configure basic disks in Windows XP for external drive enclosure?
Answer: The detail procedure you can find in Microsoft web site.
Here is the link:
Please follow all of the steps then you would be able to access your hard drive.
Question: Can Masscool's enclosure be used in Europe?
Answer: Yes, they can. They are needed to use an external power adapter. The input voltage is from 100-240V. So there shouldn't be any problem for you to use in Europe. Just make sure you have the converter for the power cable in order to plug into socket.
Hard drive cooling fan
Question: Where can I put the 4B02S4 on the hard disk?
Answer: The hard disk saviour should be put underneath of the hard disk. So when it is on, the air will blow to the bottom of the hard disk.
Thermal interface
Question: Do I need to put thermal material when I install cooler first time?
Answer: No. The white grease is already pre-applied on the cooler. You cannot put thermal material again.
Question: Do I need to remove the protective film from thermal interface?
Answer: Yes. And you need to take off the plastic covers.
Question: Do I need to put the new thermal interface material if cooler is removed from CPU?
Answer: Yes. You have to clean up the original thermal interface material, then apply new thermal interface material on the cooler.
Question: What kind of thermal interface material should I apply after removing the cooler?
Answer: Two kinds of thermal material can be used. One is thermal pad and the other is thermal grease.
Question: How many amount of grease I need to put on cooler?
Answer: Just apply flat layer.
Question: What is the lifetime of sleeve bearing and ball bearing?
Answer: The sleeve bearing type is guaranteed for 30,000 hours and ball bearing type is guaranteed for 50,000 hours.
Question: What is the warranty period for coolers?
Answer: The warranty of cooler is one year for sleeve bearing and ball bearing type.
Question: How do I know my cooler is a sleeve bearing type or a ball bearing type?
Answer: You have to know your cooler model first, then go to cooler model explanation page and find the position 5 on our website. If your cooler model shows "B", it is a ball bearing. If it shows "S", it is a sleeve bearing.
Question: How can I apply a RAM?
Answer: You need to fill out the RAM form then fax to our company.
Question: Does different cooler have different approach for installation?
Answer: Yes. You have to follow its procedures for installation. For example, the approaches of installation are different from coolers for AMD K8, AMD other products, and Intel.
Question: How do I install a cooler?
Answer: You can find the installation procedure on supoort section.
Question: Does a clip need any adjustment?
Answer: The clips do not have to be adjusted any more.
Question: How do I uninstall a cooler?
Answer: Using reverse way of the installation procedure to remove the cooler.