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· CPU Cooler
· Hard Drive Cooler
· Memory Cooler

Case Fan
· 60mm Fan
· 70mm Fan
· 80mm Fan
· 90mm Fan
· 120mm Fan
· 140mm Fan
· LED Fan
· Slot Fan
· Silent Fan

· 2.5” External Enclosure
· 3.5” External Enclosure
· Docking Station
· Mobile Rack

Add on Card
· PCI I/O Controller Card
· PCI Express I/O Control Card
· PCMCIA & Express Card

Magic Speaker

· Adapter / Converter Card
· Fan Filter
· Fan Guard
· HDMI Cable
· HDMI Switch
· HDMI Splitter
· Magic Speaker
· Screws
· Thermal Grease

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How to get service?  
To obtain a return authorization number (RMA), you are required
to contact technical support at 626-810-9885 or email
Customers are requested to provide  
1. Valid Invoice (photocopy inovice)  
2. Your name and/or organization name  
3. Your address  
4. Your contact Phone number  
5. The modell number of the product  
6. A description of the problem  
RMA must be conducted on      
**Return for replacement**  
1. Complete Cutomer RMA Request Form  
2. RMA # issued is good for 10 days  
3. Products sent to Fanner Tech USA Corp. without authorization will be REFUSED  
4. No RMA # will be issued without INVOICE #, SERIAL # and the DATE of invoice  
5. Warranty starts from the date of original invoice NOT RMA invoice  
6. All warranties will be void if inspection finds that product has been abused or
    altered without authority  
7. If Fanner Tech UAS Corp. receive any returned products which are not authorized
    by us or more/different than items authorized, customers will be possible for arranging
    the pick-up of RMA goods back to you  
8. RMA# must be clear marked on the package  
9. No cross shipping for RMA. Items must be received first  
10. Any items returned to customer after RMA and found to have damage will become
     customer responsibility if Fanner Tech USA Corp. is not contacted within 3 working
     days of receiving them.



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